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    Please Read this will help you


    Please Read this will help you Empty Please Read this will help you

    Post  Guest on Tue Feb 24, 2009 3:15 am

    Ok im currently seeing a lot of people saying, im getting attacked, someone is spying on me etc etc.

    1. if you are getting attacked it is becuase you are a profitable target, this basically means you have left resources on your planet without a big enough defence.

    Currently i have 20RL and 1SC and have just been upgrading mines which at this stage of the game is the easiest way to grow quickly. i have never been attacked since the begining and only been probed once.

    Please if you are not in the top 5 in the alliance do not build a light fighter you wont need it and it will only get crashed.

    if you want to attack someone just get a load of SC (small cargos)and fleet slots and raid inactives for 3 or 4 thousand resources each go, sending 1 small cargo will only cost you 3 or 4 deut so it is worth it.

    Basically my advice is dont bother looking for targets or revenge as it will only slow down your progress just build mines unitl you can build a colony ship then expand and gain a decent empire.

    oh and when you do get a colony dont worry about the size at this stage just build mines and ship all the resources to your home planet.

    please if you have any other questions post them here Very Happy

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